Peer Advisory Committee tours Insite

The yes2scs Peer Advisory Committee (alongside some members of the yes2scs steering committee) toured Insite in early January. The aim was to consult with Insite coordinators to build a better sense of what a made-in-Victoria model should look like. At Insite The Insite model has over ten years of experience in providing these services and is an impressive example of what a well-coordinated comprehensive harm reduction service can look like (with 12-room detox on the 2nd floor, mental health workers, counselors and nurses for support and referrals, and 3rd floor transitional recovery housing for further stabilization and connection to community support, treatment programs and housing). Comments from yes2scs Peer Advisory Committee (a committee of current and former people who use illicit drugs formed to provide experiential knowledge and guidance on most appropriate models and services): "I absolutely believe in the importance of having a service that meets the immediate needs of users [supervised consumption] in addition to secondary services such as, counselling, housing, detox, and treatment. I was inspired in what they [Insite] have achieved and disheartened at the lack of progress on our end. Since 2008, I have been involved in the discussion of creating a supervised injection site... 8 years later we are still committed to the idea, which is great. However, eight years has passed and we are still just talking about it" - Darrin Murphy "[Insite] was so safe and calm and pleasant. The music was on, which made a big difference. It was clean and I got all the equipment that I needed. [There was a] nice big mirror and that helps tremendously. [Supervised consumption services] is something we truly, truly need…in Victoria it is a joke what we have to do. It’s so sad" -Kim Hughes