Mural Highlights Upcoming International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st)

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day. It will mark 139 days since the Province declared a public health emergency over the rate of overdose in BC. The most recent Coroner's report (August 10th, 2016) states that approximately 200 people have died from overdose since the announcement of the public health emergency. Three hundred and seventeen people have died from overdose during the first 6 months of this year in BC. This is a 74% increase from the already tragically high rate of this time last year. These deaths are preventable and increased surveillance of people who use drugs and data collection are not adequate responses to an emergency. The provincial government has tools that have been proven effective at their disposal and they need to use them. One of these tools is supervised consumption services (SCS). In over 90 SCS across the world, there has not been a single overdose death. To raise awareness about the events taking place in Victoria on International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st), Yes2SCS and Kay Gallivan (local muralist/artist) have created a collective mural on the side of WildFire Organic Bakery & Cafe. Yes2SCS members collaborated with Kay Gallivan on the design, colours, and concepts used throughout the mural. Walk on by and check it out - please share on social media and get the word out about August 31st. A million thank you's to WildFire for hosting our mural, your support is greatly appreciated! Below are a series of photos showing our process throughout the day. Stay tuned here and on FaceBook for more information about events taking place in the community on International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st). thumb_IMG_20160821_120538_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_120652_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_120723_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_120755_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_131422_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_131451_1024 kimmie darrin and kay grant and darrin group shot thumb_IMG_20160821_143953_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_171736_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_171953_1024 thumb_IMG_20160821_172036_1024 thumb_IMG_20160822_102445_1024 thumb_IMG_20160822_102501_1024 thumb_IMG_20160822_102515_1024 thumb_IMG_20160822_102527_1024