Next Step – consult with service users

We're excited to announce that we are collaborating with Dr. Thomas Kerr and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS on a survey of service users in Victoria. Kerr, who played a key role in supporting the opening of Insite, is now supporting similar research in Thunder Bay and London, Ontario. Bruce Wallace, Assistant Professor at UVic and steering committee member of yes2scs, will be conducting the research in partnership with the yes2scs peer advisory committee and UVic’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC). The aim of the study is to hear from potential service users to make sure services are designed to meet the needs of those who could be using them. Information gained from the research will direct the development of a made-in-Victoria model for SCS as we begin discussions with local service delivery organizations, and as we complete our application for a federal exemption. While these are promising steps forward, community-driven work can only get us so far. Eleven people have died from overdose in Greater Victoria since December, and this trend is not changing. We're asking supporters to send a clear message to Island Health that this service must be a public health priority, and that we know the health authority is capable of committing the funding needed to provide these services. Given the support for SCS at Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government, it is unconscionable to allow one more preventable death in Victoria.

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