About Us

YES2SCSĀ is a community campaign to ensure SCS are established and operating in Victoria in 2016. Our commitments include:
  • Facilitating a process to ensure adequate funding, appropriate services and locations, and a service provider who makes certain these services are trauma informed and culturally safe.
  • Continuing our work on the Federal Exemption process.
  • Continuing to work with all levels of government and key stakeholders on this goal and timeframe.
  • Ensuring people who use illicit drugs and organizations of people who use drugs are fully involved in these processes.
  • Recognizing the limits of SCS to prevent all OD deaths by continuing to respond to the harm caused by the criminalization of people who use drugs.
The YES2SCS campaign is comprised of health care professionals, researchers, community activists, social workers, and individuals committed to social justice and public health who believe that access to safe and dignified health care is a right for ALL people regardless of financial, housing or health status. Bottom line, Supervised Consumption Services save lives. SCS gives people a safer place to use drugs, the opportunity to connect with health and social services, access first aid and nursing care and build essential relationships with outreach workers to access housing, detox and recovery services. SCS in Victoria will prevent deaths caused by overdose, provide people with better access to health and social services, reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C by providing sterile equipment and safe disposal of that equipment, and decrease public drug use and reduce drug equipment litter. Support the campaign:
  • write a letter demanding proper funding and immediate action from the province
  • send us your organization's logo to display as a supporter on our webpage
  • send us a letter of support to add to our list of community supporters
  • support our ongoing advocacy events by donating (using the button on the homepage

Thanks to the City of Victoria for financial support for educational events and presentations