steps towards SIS in Victoria

After more than three years of concerted pressure for SCS in Victoria, we are cautiously optimistic that steps are finally being taken towards providing these services. Island Health is currently working on an federal exemption application, to be submitted before Dec 2016, and we are offering all of the records of community support we have accumulated over the past years to support the fast-tracking of this process.

A heartfelt thank-you to all of the strong-willed individuals who have continued to push for this critical service. Having strong support for supervised injection at all levels of government, and a commitment from Island Health to provide these services, is an important first step. It’s been a long fight, and while the yes2scs campaign has won this first victory, let’s all keep our eye on the next step, of ensuring these are the most effective and culturally safe services possible for people who use illicit drugs in Victoria.

In the meantime, please check out our ‘community support‘ document. This document is a detailed summary of the support for supervised consumption services that has grown from the grassroots in Victoria through focused public education and awareness-raising work.

International OD Awareness Day – August 31

August 31st marks International Overdose Awareness Day. Today we remember the loved ones we have lost to preventable overdose death.

We need the Federal Government, the Province and #IslandHealth to establish SCS in our community and ensure that it is fully funded, staffed appropriately, culturally safe, and most importantly, meaningfully include people who use drugs.

Government estimates say up to 800 will die of overdose this year in BC. We need supervised consumption now! No to bandaid solutions! Yes to supervised consumption services! Find out how you can help at

overdose day 2016

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