SCS announced, and what’s next

Today’s the day: we finally have a commitment from the Island Health Authority that they will be implementing supervised injection services in Victoria next year. So much has brought us to this place.
  •  We want to honour the lives of people who have been fighting for these services and who are no longer with us. We know their names, we loved them and cared about them, and they were a part of our community. In so many ways, they were failed by a system that criminalizes, dehumanizes, stigmatizes and shuts out.
  •  We want to reaffirm today that harm reduction is about love, inclusion, intersectionality, justice, empathy and revolution.
  •  We want to reaffirm that the leadership of people who use currently illicit drugs and particularly those isolated and shunned through systems of race, class and gender, must be at the centre of all our efforts to increase access to care, to continue building resilient and loving communities, and to ending the War on People Who Use Drugs.
Things you can do:
  • Please fill out Island Health’s online survey and voice your support for SCS in our community. Survey is live until December 2.
  • Please attend Island Health’s public feedback open houses: show up to support the highest quality services possible for people who use drugs in our community.
  •  Please visit the SOLID Society of Living Illicit Drug Users webpage to read more about what people who use drugs want from health services in our community. This includes a list of pragmatic demands for what immediate interim measures to address the current overdose crisis should include.
Finally *thank you* to all of you for your steadfast support of this campaign. In some ways, our collective work is just beginning. We’re going to need your voices to make sure that these services are implemented in OUR community as soon as possible.
Love, Yes2SCS

steps towards SIS in Victoria

After more than three years of concerted pressure for SCS in Victoria, we are cautiously optimistic that steps are finally being taken towards providing these services. Island Health is currently working on an federal exemption application, to be submitted before Dec 2016, and we are offering all of the records of community support we have accumulated over the past years to support the fast-tracking of this process.

A heartfelt thank-you to all of the strong-willed individuals who have continued to push for this critical service. Having strong support for supervised injection at all levels of government, and a commitment from Island Health to provide these services, is an important first step. It’s been a long fight, and while the yes2scs campaign has won this first victory, let’s all keep our eye on the next step, of ensuring these are the most effective and culturally safe services possible for people who use illicit drugs in Victoria.

In the meantime, please check out our ‘community support‘ document. This document is a detailed summary of the support for supervised consumption services that has grown from the grassroots in Victoria through focused public education and awareness-raising work.